Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update on our Adventure

I finally have my pictures uploaded from Christmas and beyond so I can finally update my blog (thank you for being patient) On December 30, Dave and I made it to Lovell's restaurant.
It was really cool inside with all sorts of space memorabilia:

Dave had a $16 burger, I had a $17 chicken salad sandwich. We also had some yummy drinks with space names. Dave had an Apollo 13 and I had a Heat Shield.
At one point, Dave was excited to see Jim Lovell's son who is the executive chef. He came out of the kitchen to talk to the hostess about the dinner specials. Towards the end of our meal, we saw him - Jim Lovell! There was a little boy eating lunch at the restaurant for his birthday and Jim Lovell came over to talk to him. The little boy lit up! Then, Jim invited the boy to come and take some photos. I told Dave that we should hover and swoop in when the boy was done so Dave could have his picture taken too. Dave wouldn't do it. I did get to talk to Jim's handler though when she pointed out where more artifacts were for us to look at. I told her it was awfully nice that Mr. Lovell was talking with that little boy. She did not make the offer for us to talk to him though :)

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