Monday, February 16, 2009

Our New Puppy

When we were all home together, we decided on a name: Charley :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Busy Weekend!

Whew - it has been a busy weekend! First of all, Kaitlyn left at 6 am Friday morning on her trip to Texas with her Oma. A trip is a special something that my mother-in-law does with all of the grandkids when they turn 7. They went to Dallas to visit the cousins, Mason and Lauren.

Friday was Kelsey's class Valentine Party. I was able to go and volunteer with my 4th grade friends. From school I took Kelsey and her two best friends for Kelsey's birthday party. We went uptown to a hotel to stay all night.

The hotel has a limo that you can use. So we did :) We went to the movies to see Pink Panther 2.

We stayed all night, swam, ate pizza. It was fun!

Kelsey's actual birthday is today, Sunday. The biggest surprise of all is that we got a puppy today! It caps off a week-long puppy search. On Monday, someone sent me an email with a link to local Humane Society and an adorable puppy. I sent it to Dave and he suggested that we call about it. I did and ended up going to visit after work that night. I went back two more times. There were some fantastic dogs there and they run a great facility. We decided that we wanted to get a dog where we knew the background so we asked my mom for help. She is a vet tech and knows many families and their animals. I called her on Thursday and by Saturday, yesterday, she has a lead on two. One was a Golden Retriever and one was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. That was the same dog as our Copper. We looked on their website and we were pleased with what we saw. So Dave called them last night. They called back around 9:30 last night and answered many of our questions. They told us that they were going to be around until noon today if we wanted to come look. So Dave left around 7 this morning and made the almost 4 hour drive north to see him. Dave called while we were at church to let me know he was on his way home with the puppy. They got home around 2:30 and we surprised Kelsey with him. We are waiting to name him until Kaitlyn gets home. I have some ideas but we will wait and see!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Words from Dolly Parton

I am a huge fan of magazines. I should really count how many subscriptions we have at our house. We all get a pile of magazines. Anyway, there are some I read right away - US Weekly or People and Time. Others, I save for special occasions. I will only read Glamour or Cosmo in the tub or on the plane. My cooking mags are easy to skim and read over and over again. I have a pile of some others in my bedroom and I am trying to whittle it down - some are fairly old. I just read a Ladies Home Journal from March 2008 over the weekend. I am glad I did! 1) I found a recipe for a dessert I made for a meeting tomorrow. 2) I found an amazing quote from Dolly Parton on friends. Seems strange, I know but it really spoke to me:

"I think there is nothing in the world like girlfriends. I have five sisters and every single one I could tell anyone on earth - just like they can with me. For me, (the perfect night) is to be with friends where you can be your perfect self. Or your imperfect self. Whether you eat too much, drink too much, talk too much and get pissed off. Where you can feel like any emotion you have is okay. To cook, to laugh, to eat. To gossip, try to solve problems. Just being able to vent can be the best healing and therapy."

Love it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In a Bad Mood

So, I'm in a bad mood. It's one of those things where I know exactly why I am in a bad mood but I can't say it out loud. However, if I verbalize why I am angry and pissed off, I am sure someone will tell me to shut the hell up. So, I sit here and simmer.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hilarious Answer to a Quiz

So, I was cleaning out my Facebook tonight - what a mess! A friend sent me a link to a quiz on your mommy style. I am sharing my result below. Thoughts?

Soccer Mom
Your kids are busier than a CEO of a Fortune 500 company - BUT they love it!! You have several activities planned during the week and on the weekends. It takes two assistants to manage your family calendar! Due to your busy schedules, you have to pass on the housecleaning, cooking and work at times - but you are never home so no worries :)