Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Promotion

It's around this time every year that I start to think about our family holiday card. Of course, I always want to get the perfect photo and then find just the right card for it. I was excited to see that Shutterfly had some new layouts this year. I have used Shutterfly photo cards many times in the past - for birthday invitations, thank you's, party invitations and of course, holiday cards. See - Shutterfly is way more than just a place to develop your photos!

While I don't yet have that perfect holiday photo, I enjoyed looking at all of the holiday designs. Looking at the Christmas cards, I thought the Pictures in Red card was beautiful. I love the idea of being able to showcase several photos, not just one. That's great for the times when you just can't decide!

I exchange holiday cards with many of the families at our church. I was glad to see the selection of Religious Cards. The sentiment on the Faith and Family card says it all.

I haven't ever sent out cards for Thanksgiving, but I think it's a super idea! I would love to get a card that shared someone's thankfulness. When I saw the Season of Thanks Fall Invitation, I thought it could also make a good name card or menu display.

So, no matter what photo I choose, I know I can find just what I need at Shutterfly!