Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Adventure Up North

We are leaving first thing in the morning to head north to see my folks and to celebrate Christmas with them. Dave is actually excited to go! That is a shocker for everyone. He has an ulterior motive you see. He is a huge space geek. Loves all of the facts about the space program, knows facts about the astronauts, etc. Well, through some online searching, he found that Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 fame (played by Tom Hanks) owns a restaurant up north with his son. So, on Tuesday, we will be going there for lunch. It will be super expensive so we are calling it our anniversary celebration (we made it 13 years last month). Check it out:


illinigirl said...

Ooh, you guys need to come to Houston and do the Level 9 Tour of NASA. Seriously amazing. I'm not sure if you read my blog back then. . . but here's my entry about it and the awesome series "When We Left Earth":

Katie said...

Thanks for adding the comment to my blog! I am definitely interested in posting lessons! Please contact me at with more information about this!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to see any pix (here or on facebook) of this adventure.

Waiting patiently :)