Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reflections on NYE

Since we have been in 2009, it's about time that I write about New Year's. Out of all of the holidays, it has never ranked up there for me. One of our family friends has always called it "Amateur Night". I think I agree! When I was a kiddo, even through my early teen years, I spent NYE with my Gram. She was my favorite person in the whole world. She was the Margaret in Kelsey Margaret :) We had crackers and cheese and hot chocolate and watched Dick Clark. I have no idea if we ever made it until midnight, but we created some of my best childhood. As a teenager before boyfriends, I went to friend's houses for sleepover parties. Although we had fun, to me, they felt like just another sleepover. One year, I think we had a co-ed sleepover too. Since then, I have done almost everything to celebrate - house parties, progressive parties, hotel parties, club parties, etc. Still, I have never felt like NYE was any big deal. I told myself that this year, I would go into NYE optimistic and have a great time. We went to our friends' for a party - I think this was the third or fourth year. They recently remodeled their basement (it looks fantastic!) so a majority of the people were down there. I decided to hang out upstairs, near the food of course. Long story short - I am no longer in practice to hang with the big boys. However, I had more fun at this party than I have had at any NYE party in a long time. Thanks B Family!

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