Sunday, October 5, 2008

17 Breakthroughs

I love magazines, no doubt about it. I would probably be flabbergasted if I actually counted how many subscriptions we have. Even my kids get several of their own! Well, I was flipping through one of my magazines the other night while cooking dinner and found an interesting article. It was titled, "It's a Wonderful Life: 17 breakthroughs that have changed our lives." So, I thought I would go through the list and share my thoughts and opinions.

The Internet
Uh, hello? Thank goodness that was #1 on the list! What would I do without the internet? I don't even want to think about answering that question!

Cell Phones
Dave and I, in some combination, have had a cell phone since 1993. His first phone was purchased by his folks when he was driving 130 miles per day - and it was a bag phone. I may have to find a photo and post it here - it was so awesome. I am trying to resist the allure of a Blackberry or iPhone. How much linger do you think I can hold out?

Digital Cameras
Have you seen how many pictures I have posted here and there? We didn't really have many pictures growing up. Even in high school and college I didn't take many pictures. Call it a New Year's resolution, but I vowed to take more pictures and I have! Finally, a resolution I could keep :)

I bought a GPS for our family in the spring when I drove to Louisville for work. Dave had borrowed one for a hunting trip to Texas. I think we got the exact same one. Dave calls it Michelle. I think she's abrasive. Although, she did amuse me when we were on the houseboat this summer and used her - the image she projected was a car floating in the water.

We don't have it. We don't even have a DVR. Are we missing out on something?

Love 'em and use 'em regularly. Going to Sam's Club this week ...

The Organic Movement
I grew up in a farming family (I miss that sometimes). I have said for a long time that farmers were the first to realize the benefits of organic food and keeping it natural. I have also said that farm families were the first to recycle. At my Gram's house, we threw scraps over the fence like fertilizer, recycled cans and bottles and burned the rest of the trash. OK, maybe the burning barrels weren't the best idea, but that's what we did.

Microwave Meals
My kids like the ones in the blue boxes but I think they are too expensive. So we buy the ones in the red boxes.

This is another no-brainer! Everyone needs substantial undergarments. Some of us more than others.

Affordable Designers
I at first scoffed at this one but then realized that I like that I can buy some version of Vera Wang at Kohls and Isaac Mizrahi at Target. I used to be embarrased that my Lee jeans came from Farm & Fleet when I was a kid. Now you can buy Levi's at Wal-Mart!

Antiaging Products
Some day I might want to talk about these. Not today.

Debit Cards
Is this where I admit that I don't have a debit card and have never used an ATM? Deficit in my use of technology I guess.

Genetic Mapping
I have often wondered if this is something I should look into. Until then, I will keep getting my mammograms every six months and endure my other yearly appointments. I have to say that I don't mind visiting my dermatologist. He's dreamy!

Smoking Bans
Well, it's nice not having to shower as soon as I get home from being out. However, ...

The Workout Video
I still own my Jane Fonda video, with her in the metallic spandex. Actually, I think it may be an ex-boyfriend's mom's. Regardless, I have it and it's fabulous. I also have some yoga videos and some Pilates and I know I can access videos whenever I want On Demand. And yet, my ass is sitting here in the chair with a drink and a computer. Yep.

See post about genetic mapping. I would love an MRI too.

Totally believe in them and dish them out! I have been known to put myself in time-out too.

So, those are my thoughts on 17 breakthroughs. What are your thoughts?

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