Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Food Photography

I love food. I love to eat it, make it, smell it, read about - you name it. I have also learned that I love to take pictures of food. It makes me happy when something yummy comes right to me and looks so beautiful. Some people laugh. Some people roll their eyes. Guess what? I keep snapping away! I love to try regional food and photograph that.

When I was in San Antonio, the guac they made at the table was fantastic!
I was just in DC last week. I had some more great guac - this time on my friend's roof. She made it along with some Cosmos and we watched the sunset from there. Perfect!

This is probably one of my favorite food pictures. I have some problems when I travel - I have been stuck in Chicago more than once. This photo was taken at almost 1 am, after I had been in an airport or on an airplane for 10 hours. I finally made it to my hotel and was starving. I asked at the desk if there was any place I could eat and they told me that the bar was still open. I didn't want anything fried or heavy, so I chose the cheese plate. I tell you what - I almost cried when they brought it over to me. I think that was the best cheese and vodka I ever had.

Remember that sunset? Here it is - and it was beautiful. Thanks, Suz!

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carichblogs said...

Okay, so I might be guilty of an eye-roll or two, but deep down I enjoy these shots.

I look forward to the cleverly-tagged photos on your facebook whenever you get back from a trip.