Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adventures with Notebooks

When I was in high school, it wasn't cool to just pass notes. Instead, we passed notebooks. Keep in mind this was before the time of text messaging :)

I spent hours every night putting entries into my notebook to pass on to my friends the next day. I think there was more collage work than writing but those notebooks were works of art. All of my Glamour and Teen Beat magazines were fair game. And when I needed something more, I would sometimes even use my mom's Better Homes and Gardens! I think the last notebook I have was from a boy who loved me my first year of college. Ahh, memories.

I recently purged my pantry. It was truly an example of the snowball effect. I bought some new Pampered Chef things from a girl at work. I brought them home and was going to put them away. I decided that I didn't like the way my Tupperware and things were organized. So, I emptied out that cabinet. I thought that the pantry would be a better place for them. So I emptied out the pantry. I could only get so much done before the girls went to bed and that was noisy work! That night, I decided that the pantry was not the place for all of that, so the next night, I emptied out the Lazy Susan. Well, four days later I finally had it all organized and put away the way I wanted it to be. All of this led to yet another project, one I started tackling tonight. I love to cook and bake and I love collecting recipes. Organizing cookbooks is one thing, but what about all of those things I print out or cut out of magazines? I found a notebook at the store the other day that seemed perfect - 5 subjects with dividers. I spent time tonight with a pile of recipes, some scissors and tape and a Bloody Mary. What fun! My girls joined in several times and did some cutting and helped me sort. I have much work to do but I tickled to see my work thus far.


Scott said...

You know your next step is to start organizing on a recipe blog. Or, you could set up a ning and have each recipe join as a member!

I do like the connection you draw between your old use for notebooks and the (re)discovered one.

Anonymous said...

The only notebooks we had in HS were for Aimone's algebra class. Good luck with the recipe project.

Maybe after they're all organized you can "experiment" with some and bring the fruits of your labor into the office :)