Sunday, October 19, 2008

More about Costumes

While I like Halloween and dressing up, I like themed parties even more. I am a big fan of getting dressed up in a particular style or decade. Last night, we went to a beach-themed wedding reception. It was a celebration of their elopement the month before. We were all encouraged to wear beach attire. I wore an extremely floral dress and had a great time. I think my all-time favorite themed party was at our friends' Josh and Brooke's 6 years ago. They had an 80s Halloween party. Not only did people dress up in costumes from the 80s, but the food and drink was from the 80s too. Boone's Farm, gummy bears, Easy Cheese, etc. There were also some of the most clever, thoughtful costumes I have ever seen! Cops from CHiPS, characters from The Facts of Life (skates included!) smurfs, the Karate Kid ... Thinking more about this, I probably like themed parties because of the thought and effort they take. I enjoy planning and searching for the perfect costume and accessories. I probably enjoy even more when other people put forth the time and effort.

As for the party last night, I had a great time. I am sore all over from dancing, my dress has random drink stains on it - again from the dance floor, one of my feet was bloody, and on the other foot, the polish came completely off one of my toes. That is the sign of a good time!

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