Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rain on the lake

OK, so our second full day here started out kind of rocky. It rained here on and off until 4 or so. We moved from our spot at the state park last night to another spot but then had to move again. We finally got settled late in the afternoon and then the weather improved so that was good.

Here is our menu for the day:

Breakfast - Dave and Pam = bacon and eggs on the grill, biscuits and gravy
Lunch - Chad and Jenn = cold meat sandwiches
Dinner - Dave and Lisa = pork loin, potato casserole, rolls, cheesecake.

We are in charge of breakfast in the morning.

The theme of the day seems to be teeth - I broke a tooth at lunch. I bit something the other day and hurt my tooth. When I looked at it I didn't see anything. Figured I hit a filling wrong. Well, ONE CHIP into lunch today and away went a quarter of my back tooth. Put a call into the dentist ... Also had no real pain meds so I am trying Dramamine. We'll see!

And for the second time on this trip, Kaitlyn lost a tooth! Her two missing teeth both happened on this trip!

Pictures tomorrow.

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