Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Fink Girls Book Club

I read a blog post this week which challenged readers to think about reading what has really touched their lives. It was very thought-provoking but I didn't have anything fantastic to repost. As we know, I tend to read magazines more than books or other texts. That may be changing! Kelsey proposed the other night that she and I start our own book club.

Here's how it started: When shuffling through the mail the other night, I noticed my yearly newsletter from an author who is dear to my heart, Elizabeth Berg. I was introduced to her years by my mentor (I need to write about her some day!) I own several of Elizabeth's books and have one that she signed a few years ago when she was in town. Elizabeth sends out a yearly newsletter, usually around the same time as the publication of a new book. She talks about the new book, shares a new recipe and tells an anecdote about her family. I sat right down to read the newsletter and Kelsey asked what I was reading. I told her all about it and she asked about the book. It is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. (I ordered it today and will let you know more about it!) SO, Kelsey said, "We are a mother and a daughter. We should read books together!" What a great idea! When I get back from my work trip, we are going to chose a book to read together. She suggested we read 5 chapters at a time and then chat about what we read. I hope I can keep up! I found out recently that she goes to the school library every day to check out new books. I love that girl :)

Any title suggestions for our mother-daughter book club?

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