Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Interview with Myself

My friend, illini_girl posts interviews with herself every now and then. I have always thought that would be fun but never knew the right time. Guess what, Readers - tonight is the night! Here we go ...

Lisa, how are you?
I am OK, but tired. Excited too - Kaitlyn lost her front top tooth!

Why are you tired?
I am on a work trip right now. I dropped the girls off at school on Tuesday morning and headed to the airport. I flew to NYC for some meetings.

Yeah, and?
Well, after meetings in NYC and doing NYC, I took the high-speed train to DC for meetings.

Wow, aren't you just a teacher?

A teacher who got a cool job! So, I left for the train station at 6:15 this morning and it took 3 hours to get to DC. I sat in meetings all day, but with super smart people that I enjoy.

Right. Why are you still so tired?
We had a really good dinner and I chose to stay after to talk with a colleague. We talked about kiddos and special ed and professional development. As I said, I like being with these super smart people.

So, dinner and small talk ended.
Yep. There is a hotel that my work has an agreement with that I have to stay in when I am in DC. It's fine. Kind of art deco. Except, I am not staying there tonight.

Are you staying with your colleagues at the Capitol Hilton?
Um, no. I ended up in Georgetown.

Come again?
I got to my approved hotel around 10:15. The manager met me at the door and walked me to the desk. He welcomed me back (I have been there before). Then he told me that there was no room for me there tonight. The agreement is a suite upgrade, not no room! Apparently, there was a flood at the hotel, so they called around to find me a place to stay. It's the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend so rooms are hard to come by. Therefore, I am in Georgetown.

You got in a cab and went to an unknown hotel?

A bit different than that. The bellhop from the first hotel took me in his own car. I was so in shock by all of this that I couldn't even stop to think about any of this. My luggage went in the backseat with his 2 kids car seats. So, here I sit in Georgetown.

What is your room like?

I guess you could call it a suite. But it's not. It's kind of like an apartment. With a kitchenette. I have photos.

Where are they?
I'm tired, remember? Look for them this weekend.

That's quite a story!
I know! I am glad I could share with you. I wish someone was with me to see all of this too!

I hope you all have a good night. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.


carichblogs said...

You rode in a strange man's car?? Do you not remember my story from San Antonio?? ahahah!

I'm glad you're safe and sound in one place, but it definitely sounds like a hell of a day.

Get some sleep!!

illinigirl said...

Yay for an interview with yourself! :)

Your schedule sounds completely crazy. I got tired just reading your fb status updates!!!