Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school!

The girls start back to school tomorrow and we are all so excited! It took 40 minutes for them to get settled and stay in bed. They also decided to sleep in their back to school outfits. They are freshly bathed so why not? One less thing to do in the morning :)

As we drove to the eye doctor this morning (my glasses are still broken) I asked them to set goals for themselves for the school year. Kelsey decided that she wants to become more organized. I couldn't agree more! I would also like to see her practice her math facts more. We'll see. Kaitlyn wants to learn more words. When pressed further, she wants to learn how to read and write more words. Perfect work for first grade!

Look for photos tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I love back to school-- the new clothes, the fresh smell of school supplies, the expectations for the coming year. May this be a great year for math, words, and everything else.

Ryan and I used to have contests to see who could get ready the fastest in the morning... He once got up at the crack of dawn, changed into his school clothes and then went back to bed.

I had to beat him, so the next night I did JUST what your girls did-- I changed into my clothes right after bath time!

I think maybe our mom planted the idea in our heads knowing how competitive we are!