Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation, Day 2

I am sunburned and tired. But had a great day :) We all met for breakfast this morning around 8:45. Then, the kids and the dads went and played Putt Putt. We moms went and explored the resort. We had a nice big lunch before we headed out on a boat for the afternoon. We tubed and swam and gawked at the great real estate. Dave got seasick and had to be brought back to shore. We went on without him! We split up for the rest of the night and did our own thing. We had dinner on our patio and then went swimming. I think we are all waterlogged! Some of us are sunburned too. Luckily it's only the grown-ups! Tomorrow we are going to an indoor waterpark. It looks awesome! Kelsey and I checked it out tonight. Oma and Grandpa are having a date night tomorrow night so we will do a cousins' night.

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