Saturday, November 8, 2008

Going to the Movies

Last night, the four of us went to dinner and the movies. A pretty common Friday night activity, right? For most people - yes. For us, no. As my friend Amy pointed out, I NEVER go to the movies. In fact, I have only been to the movies 12 times. Going to the movie theater has never really been something I have done. As a kid, we did things mainly with family. In high school, I mainly dated farmers and we would rent movies after working in the fields. In college, there were other things to do. Now, our social life revolves about sporting events.

So what 12 movies have I made it to:
  1. The Muppet Movie
  2. Swiss Family Robinson
  3. One of the Batman movies
  4. Wayne's World (at the drive-in)
  5. Titanic
  6. Madagascar 2
  7. Speed (at the drive-in)
  8. Ocean's Twelve
  9. Kung Fu Panda
  10. One of the Harry Potter movies
  11. The Firm
  12. The Distinguished Gentlemen
Hmmm, fairly eclectic and not in chronological order but an interesting list nonetheless.

And by the way, I guess I should be glad that we don't do the dinner and movie thing very often. It was a hundred dollar night!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Only 12 trips to the your life??

That's amazing to me. Going to the movies is one of my favorite indulgences. Popcorn, soda, NOTHING else to do for 2 full hours. It's bliss!

I've never been to a drive-in, you've got me there.